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Submitted on
January 31, 2009
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yuku toshi ya tukue no ue ni hon no yama
the passing year-
a mountain of books on my desk.

kayu no yuge megane ni shiroi sekai kana
steaming hot porridge-
through the glasses
a white world!

yosenabe no hashi gassen wo asobi keri
we spar with chopsticks.

yodooshi ni utau ibiki to sukima kaze
singing through the night,
the wind through that window seam
and his snore.

zangetu ya kami no shiroki ni sumi no ato
the remnant of moon-
traces of ink on pale white paper.


the remnant of moon-
silver hair stranded behind a corner.

kita kaze ya yozora wo nozoku muro no hana
the north wind-
an indoor blossom peeks
at the night sky.

kitamuki no hoo no shibire ya monsuun
a numbness on the north-facing cheek-
monsoon wind.

azumaya no hisashi ni kakaru kan no tuki
poised on the eave of a gazebo-
the cold moon.

juuyokka gangan hibiku shishi no mai
on the fourteenth day,
the head-throbbing lion dance.

genshou no tuki no akari ya akai bana
oh how bright
is the first full moon
and my red nose!

katasumi ni hisoka na sono ya chiri hikaru
'the secret garden' in a corner-
bright specks of dust.

yo no neko ya taoreta mikan no kinjitou
nocturnal cats-
a razed pyramid
of tangerines.

tuki saeta garasu ni uturu hage no tuya
a clear crystal moon-
the reflection of a lustrous bald head on the glass.

fuyu toiu kisetu wa asa no nijuuni do
we call this season 'winter':
22°C in the morning.

fuwa fuwa to suibai no ka ya asa no nagi
the weightless scent of wrightia drifts
in the morning calm.

norakura ya haiku kawari ni ookami wo
instead of writing haiku
i draw wolves.

hanamizu mo namida mo daseru rakusa kana
with snivels and tears,
oh laksa!

gekijou ya keshou kuzureta ojousan
drama theatre-
the lady's make-up is in a mess.

kaeriji ni omoi mabuta ya oborotuki
going home with heavy eyelids-
a fuzzy moon.

toraneko no kenka no aite nuigurumi
the tiger cat wrestles
with a stuff toy.

koohii wo nomu hachi nin ya hoshi no sora
eight souls sipping coffee,
a starry heaven.

kata michi ya akabana wo chiru niwaka ame
one way street-
red flowers littered by a sudden rain.

kuroneko no gin no rinkaku hikarikeri
the black cat's silver silhouette

yuushoku ya ashi ni guruguru neko sanpiki
three cats wheeling round and round my legs.

aka aka to hana no manaka ni nikibi kana
right in the middle of her nose,
a fiery red pimple.

umetutuki nagame no sora ya kara no niki
the sky persistently rains
in the second lunar month-
a blank diary.


the second lunar month,
i gaze at the distant sky-
a blank diary.

noraneko no pika pika no me ya hato no mure
the stray cat's sparkling eyes-
a herd of pigeons.

amagumo wa ano sentou wo sawari keri
the rain clouds
graze against that spire.

it is a well known fact that we do not have winter in singapore, even though my friend ~KorpiHunaja had managed to churn out 'snow in singapore' and even got a DD with that. :XD:

this round of haikuwrimo will be tough for me. but i've found a number of winter kigo that work in our context. let's hope i can still survive this mania like the past three years and successfully convey a so-called wintery atmostphere of this place so near the equator.

let's enjoy the strenuous haikuwrimo exercise together! :D

preview stamp by `RetroZombie and `jade-pandora.

day 3: steamboat info
day 5: kami is a kakekotoba or a pun, it can mean either ' paper' or 'hair'. sumi no ato can also be translated in two ways as shown in the submitted haiku proper.
day 9: fourteenth day of the first chinese lunar month, lion dance is a part of new year celebration.
day 10: genshou is the 15th day of the first chinese lunar month, the end of a whole series of new year celebrations. traditionally, chinese people go moon-watching and have fun with guessing riddles written on lit lanterns.
akai hana means red nose or red flower, whichever way you might perceive it.
day 11: 'the secret garden' is a classic english novel by frances hodgson burnett.
day 15: suibai or wrightia religiosa
day 16: i draw wolves. :P
day 17: laksa info
out of town on day 20 and 21, daily haiku will be delayed.
day 26: i managed to catch up! nagame means ' persistent rain' or 'gazing in a distance', it is another kakekotoba.

:boogie:HOORAY:boogie: on completion of another haikuwrimo!
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buglc Featured By Owner May 30, 2009   Writer
Awesome collection. I like the angles you're viewing from. I was hooked after the white world of porridge :)
Itti Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like number 2! Also the second version of 5.
Bogbrush Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009
I love how you've captured a lot of winter even at 22 degrees C! :) I reckon it must be the colds, pimples and clear moons.

A beautiful read, perfect with a relaxing cup of tea :)
moyanII Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
thank you for your support, always. :)
AbCat Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009   Writer
Thank you for submitting all these and finish the wrimo. I'm still stuck on 16, but I'm determined to complete my collection, even if it will be the middle of March by the time it's finished.

I like how despite there being no snow to speak of in Singapore, that you've managed to give a wintery feel in so many of these with kigo and other allusions. You mentioned that in your comments as an intention of the collection and you have succeded for sure.

If I was to be finickety, I'd say that some of these are screaming out for a second linebreak, particularly in the early part of the collection with 2, 5, 6 and 12. I also reckoned that some of the latter pieces, 17, 19, 21 and maybe 26, were lacking something extra to turn the image into something more.

The second was one of my favourites despite it 'missing' a linebreak. The white world of misted glasses is very familiar to me, and well depicted indeed. I also liked 24 and 28 very very much, the former because I love cats of course, and love the way you picked out that begging behaviour so well, and the latter because of the way you show the sharp spire digging into the rain clouds. They were just a select few of a very competant collection indeed though.

Well done once again on finishing. I will catch up I promise. :~)
moyanII Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
winter is way out for singaporeans, but fortunately i have a rather cooperative weather this year. it was a little colder and wetter than usual. as my day 14 implies, it is considered 'very cold' if it reaches twenty-two degree celcius at daybreak.
i thought i did better my last haikuwrimo with summer as the theme.

i tend to write two-liners due to the influence of japanese kireji 'ya' and 'kana'. i section the verse according to the position of the kireji in the japanese originals. i will ponder over those verses you suggested for more line-breaks.

as for adding more to make the verse tell more, i guess i am under a great constraint of the japanese 17 onji. it can only tell so much with usually 4-6 words. i wish i could squeeze in more, but then it will become an essay according to haiku standard. in order to be truthful in translation, the english versions are just as brief.
i don't think i am capable of changing the verses in this aspect.

thank you for the critiques. they are most appreciated. :)
somnomollior Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009   Writer
#21 is a lovely picture of the sharing of a special moment between friends.
#22 the red flowers bring this alive.
#23 the image of the cat glows in the haiku as it does in the reality.
#24 I know the feeling. Do the cats ever trip you up?
#25 Is funny because we have all had one of those kinds of pimples.
#27 Watch out pigeons. The word sparkling suggests very well the cat's intentions.
#28 Graze is a great word in this one. A strong way to finish.
Hurray we did it!
moyanII Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
day 24: if you ever heard me crippled from a fall it must these three cats... -_-
!!hooray again for completion!!
i'll probably take another year to go through the offerings of other participants. :faint:
somnomollior Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009   Writer
I am trying to go through everybody's haiku a few people at a time - otherwise it is too overwhelming, you are right.
KorpiHunaja Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009   Writer
twentytwo: lovely.
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