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by vespera

it is a really interesting idea to write in a acrostic form for the hidden meanings of the verses spelled out in the first letter of ea...

it is first off, a joy to see something insightful written about the classical chinese writings. there are three aspects i would like t...

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hidamari no o cha ippai to neko no emi
hikiairaku mo yodomu hitosumi

a cup of tea that congeals sunbeam
and the smile of a cat-
a corner that precipitates
pain and pleasure, woe and happiness

akebono wo shirazuni haru no nemuri kana
unaware of the dawn-
a spring slumber

hi to tsuki no kasanaru kage ni koi gokoro
jidensha ni noru hime sama futari

I fall in love
with the overlapping shadows
of the sun and the moon-
two princesses on a bicycle.

yawahada ni hikari potsupotsu
hitomi kirakira hakuchuu no hoshi

light spots on soft skin,
summer straw hat-
sparkles in the eyes are stars in the day.

imouto no hi no kanmuri ya
me no kumori mabataku setuna kokoro wo nusumu

Oh my sister's crown of the sun-
as I blink my eyes at the glare
she steals my heart

pen motte me no mae kara no nikkichou
kyou hanaretemo aeru hi ga kuru

holding a pen,
a blank diary in front of my eyes.
though we parted today,
the day to meet shall come.

matomo ni shunkou hanatsu mitsuami ya
nebou wo samasu konya mo fumin

right at my face,
her hair braids radiate the light of spring
waking a sleepy head,
i shall be sleepless tonight

nishibi yori mabushiku moeru koi kokoro
tamashii wo kuu honoo no hitomi

burning more brilliantly than the westerly sun-
my infatuation.
eating up my soul, your flaming eyes.

ishidatami sorotta ugo no furui machi
kokoro sazanami kimi no hohoemi

Neat stone pavement
after a rain
in the old city-
ruffling my heart
your smile

hizashi kara sude to megane de me wo kazashi
boku wo mieru ga kimi wo mienai

you shelter your eyes
with your bare hand and glasses
from the sunlight.
so that you can see me,
but i can't see you.

gyakkou no soreiyu naderu kimi no kami
kokoro wo terasu nazo no hohoemi

against the light
your hair caresses
the sunflowers.
that mysterious smile
illuminate my heart.

natsu umi no sora no aosa ha sumi ni keri
how transparent
is the blue of that sky
over the summer ocean!

shira kinu no mado ni suimei no hitomi kana
white laced window-
her eyes clear as water

aki kodachi kagayaku kaze no toorimichi
autumn woodland-
pathway of the luminous wind

hanagara no sutooru utushi hitomi kana
the floral scarf
in her eyes.

zukin kara moru kami saki no hikari kana
from the bonnet
at hair ends
light spews

hidamari ya odoru sudare to koi no uta
in the full sunlight-
dancing curtains and love song.

usuku yuku hikari to kage ni kimi no emi
in the fading light and shadow-
your smile.

yawahada ni iro no asobi ya natsu hizashi
colors play
on her soft skin-
summer sunshine.
Haiga Girls
edit 16.4.2016 added two tanka and one haiku.
edit 15.4.2014 added two tanka.
edit 3.6.2013 3 new tanka added to the collection together with the paintings. :)
edit 18.10.2012 the 3 new additions are tanka, written according to the tradition of love and infatuations. tanka are written in 5-7-5-7-7 in the japanese original.

a series of haiku/tanka i wrote to accompany the realistic digital paintings of pretty young girls- newest haiku first. the paintings are posted in my art account:…

you may like to read the verses before you browse the folder. you can see if the image in your mind's screen similar or different to what i portrayed.

this series is still ongoing but i have printed the first six artwork into a collection of postcards, available for sale at USD6 per set, excluding postage. interested ones please note me. :)

Issa 8

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 7:47 AM


kobayashi Issa

daiko hiki daikon de michi wo oshie keri

with the harvested radish,
he pointed at the way to go.


it's the season for harvesting the radish and issa was a newcomer who needed direction from a local who knows the way, but everyone was busy at their job of plucking out the their precious crop.

finally he found this farmer who had just successfully unearthed one of his radishes who would tell him the way by pointing with the radish he was holding in his hand.

this is indeed an expertly chosen snapshot of a farmer's life that shows the diligence in their work and the hospitality and kindness showed to a mere traveller.
it also conveys some feelings of uncertainty issa felt while he was on his journey, although the mood was tinted by his usual sense of humor.


i'm just a rather new haijin but the deviantART literary community had decided to bestow upon me the honor to represent "haiku and eastern poetry" in the projecteducate's week of poetry form.

an interview was conducted and posted in BeccaJS's journal:

PE: Interview with some dA haiku masters

anyway, i am no master of haiku ^^;
i am just the 'farmer' who had worked hard, and when you ask me the way, i will point the way to the best of my knowledge.
also, with the fruit of my labour: my collection of haiku in the gallery.


the clubs i joined:

my default account where i post my visual art :iconmoyan:

my art projects:
project Resonance
project Rendevous
The Law for the Wolves
the 5th season
project KARUTA 2007
KARUTA cards available for sale
Ink Fragrance
Snow in Singapore
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
study of japanese language together with apprenticeship in haiku-writing is a long-standing hobby.

painting is another love of my life. i haven't been able to shake it off no matter how tied down by other affairs in real life.

traditional paintings were done using chinese ink on rice paper. i also do graphite and color pencil drawings, as well as digital art by photoshop 7.0.

see my other artwork at the default dA art account: :iconmoyan:




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