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by vespera

it is a really interesting idea to write in a acrostic form for the hidden meanings of the verses spelled out in the first letter of ea...

it is first off, a joy to see something insightful written about the classical chinese writings. there are three aspects i would like t...

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Do You Hear? by moyanII
Do You Hear?
kikoenai suzuran no uta hibiku kana ikki no bi to ka anata no tame ni
Inaudible song
of the lily-of-the-valley
a season of beauty and fragrance
just for YOU.

think, how could those bells be silent?

tanka. the poem follows the onji count of 5-7-5-7-7 for the japanese original.

pencil on drawing board, touched up on photoshop 7.0. coloring is pending, both traditionally and digitally.
potosu ue yoake no tuyu wo toreru kana
on the pothos-
let's collect some dew
from the daybreak!
Collection of Daybreak
teamwork! the nature keeps us all satisfied and happy. my little brother gotta quench that thirst.

watercolor schmincke akademie on canson CA grain 200gsm.
this is painted so as to complete the series of "totoro- playing with water".
the other two are here:
The Fat Peter Piper
Premonition of Rain

they are made into a postcard set available for sale. :)
yamabito no fuebuki tani ni nokori yuki
the recluse blowing on a flute-
last snow upon the valley
The Fat Peter Piper
He summons all the young in heart and wakes the kid deep inside you.

watercolor schmincke akademie on canson CA grain 200gsm.
referenced off a photo of totoro resin figurine on sandy float wood in redang island, west malaysia.
there is no snow in malaysia, but the fine sand on redang beach has texture just like snow. so i just changed the color tone and made it into a winter theme image.

we need some winter in singapore. i like to dismiss our eternal summer for a while, if possible, only a short while.
murasaki no yurikago kara sora nagame keri
From the purple cradle
I gaze at the sky
handoru ni pinku ribon wo chuugoku e
A pink ribbon on the handle,
To China I go.

ruggeji ni kore sore are wo asa no biu
To my luggage,
This, that and those-
Morning drizzle

suzume tachi eda de shaberu ya jiko no michi
The sparrows chat on the branches-
Accident on the road

oyu no naka dango muttsu no warutsu kana
In boiling water,
six dumplings
dancing waltz

zenseki ni umareta neko ni nishibi kana
Upon the cat born in the last century
The westerly sun.

chi ni nokoru sakuya no ame ya shiromu sora
The remains of last night's rain on the ground -
A greyish sky.

tenimotsu ha koneko no sofaa nari ni keri
The hand luggage
has become
the kitten's sofa

yoru suzushi neko no nukumori ashimoto ni
Cool night-
The warmth of a cat at my feet

daiken ya megane wo kakeru debu no neko
Major examination-
the fat cat puts on glasses.

enpitsu no ookami haeru hitomi kana
The pencilled wolf-
Those burning bright eyes

katakage ni yadoru haiga no otome kana
Dwelling in the stark shadow-
the haiga girl

pin-in ha kuchibiru no jimu nari ni keri
What a gym for the lips!

bunpou no hon ni koohii kobore keri
on the grammar book,
coffee is spilled

awai sora happa no kage wo shimiri Keri
The pallid sky
soaks through
the shadows of the leaves

murasaki no yurikago kara sora nagame keri
From the purple cradle
I gaze at the sky

kaze no ka to semi no sawagi ya mugon no mori
the wind's song and the crickets' clamour-
a silent forest.

ka to ari to tomo to pikunikku kokage kana
with mosquitoes and ants and a friend,
picnic under the shadow of a tree

inki nai mannenbitsu ya haikuchou
an inkless fountain pen-
my haiku memo book.

hosomichi ya juuryoku wo toru ojousan
narrow roads-
a lady carefully maintaining her balance

rouboku no kanmuri ya ani no kataguruma
The crown of the old tree-
Piggy back ride on my elder brother

komorebi ya tekkannon to monomi no tou
Light streams through the leaves-
tieguanyin tea and the "Watchtower".

mukougawa akeppanashi tobira Kara Erie no tame ni ippen mata ippen
Over the other side
The door is left ajar-
"Für Elise"
played again and again

Kanpou ya taiyou to ame tachikawaru
Traditional Chinese medicine-
Alternate rain and shine...

karuku naru atama to saifu rihatushitsu
Lighter, my head and my wallet-
Hair salon.

hidamari no ocha ippai to neko no emi hikiairaku mo yodomu hitosumi
a teacup filled with sunlight and the cat's smile-
a corner where sadness and joy, mourning and laughter precipitate.

nabebuta no katakata odori asa no nagi
the lid of a pot dances in a clatter-
morning stillness.

binshin no shishu ni rakugaki nari ni keri
adding to the poetry of Bingxin-
a doodle!

himawari ya inu shika inai manshon de
A sunflower-
at the mansion where only the dog is in.

aotan ya ocha nondenai kumoru asa
Blue-black bruise-
I didn't drink tea this cloudy morning.
haikuwrimo April 2015
for the Haiku Club's 2015 April HaikuWriMo:

*3* Bingxin, a very famous Chinese poet in the 20th century. see my doodle here.
*5* #17 of the haiga girls' series, see the sketch here.
*9* tieguanyin tea
the Watchtower
*10*,*11* and *15* >haiku series "totoro no hana no tabi" a tour with totoro and flowers.
*17* &*18* all in a day's work when I teach foreigners Chinese language.
*19* the haiga girls' series.
*20* the law for the wolves series, based on rudyard kipling's poem.
*21* the fat cat puts on glasses.

*25* piepie was born on 27 May 1999

Issa 8

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 9, 2013, 7:47 AM


kobayashi Issa

daiko hiki daikon de michi wo oshie keri

with the harvested radish,
he pointed at the way to go.


it's the season for harvesting the radish and issa was a newcomer who needed direction from a local who knows the way, but everyone was busy at their job of plucking out the their precious crop.

finally he found this farmer who had just successfully unearthed one of his radishes who would tell him the way by pointing with the radish he was holding in his hand.

this is indeed an expertly chosen snapshot of a farmer's life that shows the diligence in their work and the hospitality and kindness showed to a mere traveller.
it also conveys some feelings of uncertainty issa felt while he was on his journey, although the mood was tinted by his usual sense of humor.


i'm just a rather new haijin but the deviantART literary community had decided to bestow upon me the honor to represent "haiku and eastern poetry" in the projecteducate's week of poetry form.

an interview was conducted and posted in BeccaJS's journal:

PE: Interview with some dA haiku masters

anyway, i am no master of haiku ^^;
i am just the 'farmer' who had worked hard, and when you ask me the way, i will point the way to the best of my knowledge.
also, with the fruit of my labour: my collection of haiku in the gallery.


the clubs i joined:

my default account where i post my visual art :iconmoyan:

my art projects:
project Resonance
project Rendevous
The Law for the Wolves
the 5th season
project KARUTA 2007
KARUTA cards available for sale
Ink Fragrance
Snow in Singapore
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
study of japanese language together with apprenticeship in haiku-writing is a long-standing hobby.

painting is another love of my life. i haven't been able to shake it off no matter how tied down by other affairs in real life.

traditional paintings were done using chinese ink on rice paper. i also do graphite and color pencil drawings, as well as digital art by photoshop 7.0.

see my other artwork at the default dA art account: :iconmoyan:



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